Former WWE star fires back at wrestling fan for publicly body shaming AEW’s Saraya

AEW star Saraya was publicly body shamed by a wrestling fan on Twitter/X for having being “fat” and former WWE star Summer Rae (@DanielleMoinet) issued a response…

“The fact that you feel that it’s ok to comment on woman’s body…or anyone’s body is simply mind blowing. 🤯 Makes me think you are 100% trolling trying to go viral when @Saraya responds. Bc there is NO WAY your brain thinks that that is ok. Right??”

“Sitting at your keyboard like oh THIIIIS is what I am going to do this fine Friday night. Be a complete asshole to someone I’ll never meet & make them feel like shit. That’ll fill my empty soul & make me feel good about myself. Yep…lemme hit ‘send’. God bless your parents.”