Former WWE star Enzo Amore praised by AEW personality for being “so nice and respectful”

During his What Happened When podcast, AEW personality/announcer Tony Schiavone commented on meeting up with former WWE star Enzo Amore aka Real1 at WrestleCon in Detroit, MI…

“I met a guy for the first time ever and I’m thinking, God, that’s Enzo over there. I’m gonna go over and say hello to him, but before I could, he came sprinting over and we talked for a long time. Well, he talked for a long time. What frickin energy he’s got, my God. So we talked, we connected, and traded phone numbers. It was really cool to talk to him. I’d never met him before. I only knew the guy that you saw on the microphone. I was truly entertained by Enzo when he was on TV. Truly entertained by him. I never met him. I was completely surprised, and maybe I shouldn’t be now because it happens all the time. I was completely surprised about how much he had watched me during my career. Most of these kids who wrestle now were children of the 90s, in their 30s, and so he had watched me. He was so nice and so respectful that it’s really difficult for me to say anything bad about him because the Enzo that I know is a pretty cool guy and I was entertained by him.”

“Yeah, I know about the allegations. I know the allegations, nothing ever happened about him, and it’s funny that, you know, somebody can just throw an allegation on social media and all of a sudden, right? He and I talked about that and we talked about the Madison Square Garden Show. Remember that, where he and Big Cass, or Big Bill, made that surprise appearance. We talked about a lot of things. Actually, he talked about a lot of things. I was just listening. It was cool. So you know, it’s Twitter, or X, it’s just full of haters. That’s all it is. It’s full of haters. People who really don’t have enough courage to tell you what they think of you, but they’ll get behind a keyboard and do it. It’s full of cowards and haters, so yeah, I enjoyed my time with him. I really did.” (quotes courtesy of