Former WWE star Dana Brooke shoots on being released from the company

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, former WWE star Dana Brooke (now known as Ash By Elegance in TNA) commented on being released from WWE…

“I honestly think they (WWE) didn’t believe in me. You know, producers, T.J. (Wilson) was a very big advocate for me and he would always be like, ‘Dana can do it, Dana can do it, Dana can do it’ and it just, it wasn’t happening and I wasn’t that girl. I wasn’t the girl that they were trying to push to that next level. I was the one that I was always given to take the pin fall and I was okay with it, thinking in my mind, there’s gonna be a shot. There’s gonna be that next time and there just never was that next time.

I fought so hard. I’ll never forget this and I think it was 2018 or ‘19 in the Money in the Bank match where I wanted to hang from the briefcase and swing from it and fall and a pile of girls catch me and they’re like, ‘No, no, no. That’s a little too dangerous.’ I’m like, ‘Do you not know I was in gymnastics for 18 years and the bars are this high. I would do double backflips and layoffs out from underneath the bars. I promise you, I’m okay. Just let me do it. It will be a wow factor’ and I just don’t think that they had the confidence in me.” (quotes courtesy of