Former WWE star criticizes the return of Nia Jax and explains “what went wrong” on RAW

As seen during the September 11th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, Nia Jax made her surprise return to the company. In a video published to his YouTube channel, Former WWE star Stevie Richards criticized Nia’s return and explained “what went wrong” during the segment. Around four minutes into the video, Stevie addressed the Bonzai drop that Nia gave to women’s champion Rhea Ripley…

“This is an excellent shot of Nia on the second rope, about to come off the second rope onto Rhea. I was hoping maybe a Vader Splash something like that, still snug, still tight, still knocks the wind out of you, but essentially safe. That’s not what happened. (…) I wanna show you frame by frame what’s wrong with this. Now, as she’s jumping off, her hands right here should stay on the rope to protect Rhea Ripley, to not crush her ribs.”

“So, she comes down and watch this. She could hold on but she let’s go. Even if it’s just the last second, all her weight is coming down on Rhea Ripley right now and crushing her. Legitimately just squashing her right there. It’s just unnecessary and I’m gonna explain why. You got a girl that’s the champion, that’s your top draw as a woman’s wrestler and you’re putting her in a position like this to get injured.” (quotes courtesy of