Former WWE star comments on taking a two-year hiatus from wrestling after being released

During an appearance on A2D Radio, former WWE star Tyler Breeze talked about taking a two-year hiatus from wrestling after being released

“It’s pretty cool, man. I never really planned on taking two years off, but after doing this for 15 years and being in WWE for 11 years to where I really didn’t take any time off. I was lucky I didn’t have any surgeries, I took care of myself pretty good, but I was on the road going. So when I finally got that call, I was like, ‘Alright. I’m just gonna chill for a little bit.’ And then I really liked it and then I liked being home and then all of a sudden, I went, ‘Hmm, yeah, I’m just gonna keep doing this.’ And then it was like a year turned into two years. I still got to scratch the wrestling itch a little bit with Flatbacks [training school] with training people, but I wasn’t really missing like being on the road at all. I really liked being at home, I liked waking up in my bed and making breakfast and just typical stuff that people take for granted that I never got to do.

So, again, I was in no real hurry. I was like, ‘Ah, if something happens, if something pops up that could be really fun, maybe I’ll do.’ But really for the most part, I wasn’t against it but I wasn’t missing it. And then it just so happens that [Shawn] Spears, who I train with, he went, ‘Hey, I need an opponent for a match. Would you want to do it?’ And I said, ‘Sure, I could do that.’ So I was like, ‘Well, I’ll do one, I’ll do one.’ And then that same promoter was like, ‘Oh, would you also like to do this show and this show?’ And I went, ‘Yeah, I might as well. Why not?’ So then, somebody saw that so then all of a sudden, they offered me and then all of a sudden, my September’s full of bookings and everything else and I went, ‘Alright, I guess I’m back here.’ So then it was, you know, kick into high gear to get new music, new gear, get in shape, all that stuff.

My first booking was what — a week ago, two weeks ago — and yeah, it was fun, man. The thing that you always, and I think it’s the reason why we do this or why people have a hard time stepping away, is the crowd. The crowd is always — like it’s just so fun. Wrestling is never the problem, like if people get entitled or they get egos or they get whatever, the wrestling part is never the problem. The wrestling and the crowd is why we do it. It’s so fun, man. Being back in front of them, very cool. I’m excited to take more bookings and kind of get back out there. Again, it’s been two years. So. jumping back in there, it feels a little bit fresh and it feels fun and I’m enjoying it.”

Breeze also commented on possibly working for a major promotion again…

“I think it’s possible. I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m retired or opposed to any of that. Obviously, I’m still young, I’m still athletic, and I still do all the stuff that I did before. I think if the right moment, right opportunity popped up and talked to the right people and everything lined up, I’d go, ‘Yeah, cool. Why not?’ But I’m not actively seeking it either. I like everything that’s going on right now. I’m very, very happy with everything that’s going on. If something popped up that could add to that happiness, fantastic. But, yeah, I’m open to whatever.” (quote courtesy of