Former WWE star claims he heard about a story that would “completely jeopardize” John Cena’s Hollywood career

During the Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree podcast, a video clip was played of former WWE star Ryback discussing rumored scandals within WWE. Ryback claimed that “there’s a Triple H & Kaitlyn story out there and there’s a Alex Riley & John Cena story out there.”

Dupree, who is also a former WWE star, reacted to the Ryback clip by saying he heard the “locker room talk” about Cena and Riley. Dupree said that if the story he heard got out, it would “completely jeopardize Cena’s Hollywood career.”

During an interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling in 2017, Riley said the following about his alleged backstage heat with Cena…

“There was an incident and it certainly affected the path of my career, however I am not going to talk about it right now and I’ve kind of gone back and fourth in my own times morally with do I say anything or do I not. I am not in the habit of destroying anybodies career so it is just something at this point that I don’t want to address further than that but one day I certainly will. It was a hard situation to deal with.”