Former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes reportedly arrested and expected to be charged with the murder of his wife

According to an article on, an arrest was made in Portland, OR after a woman was found dead in a fatal shooting. The name of the suspect was not given in the article but a neighbor stated that the man was a former professional wrestler…

“He was telling me all kinds of stories about old wrestling and I told him how I used to go watch him. I decided to go for a walk when I saw all the cops down by my house and I just then noticed all the blocks taped off and I just came down here.”

It was later confirmed that the wrestler in question is former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes. Here are official details from

“The suspect in the Thursday Lents Neighborhood homicide investigation is identified as William Albert Haynes, Jr, 70, of Portland. Haynes is Janette Becraft’s husband.

He is in police custody at a local hospital while he is being treated for a medical condition unrelated to the homicide or his contact with law enforcement. Once he is released from the hospital, which may be days from now, he is expected to be booked into jail. Haynes’ charges will be released once he is booked.”

Haynes wrestled in the Portland wrestling territory during the 1980s. While working for WWE, Haynes had a match against Hercules at Wrestlemania 3.