Former WWE producer comments on a “bad habit” that Seth Rollins had

During a live Q&A session at, former WWE producer “Road Dogg” Brian James was asked about “bad habits” that independent wrestlers had when signing with WWE and James brought up Seth Rollins…

“He used to do this thing in the corner where he would jump up and down, and jump up and down, and run like he was in a mosh pit, and then just run and hit the guy with the forearm,” James said. “And I thought, ‘Man, that’s so anti-climatic.’ It seemed like the build-up to it was bigger than the finish of it. So I went to him and told him that, and he said, ‘No, that’s what I do. I’m not changing it. That’s what I do.’ And I went to [Triple H] and I said, ‘Well, that kid, I’ll never talk to him again.’”

“His bad habit was not saying, ‘Okay, thank you sir,’ or whatever and being respectful and then not doing what I said like every other young wrestler. At least pretend to respect what I’m telling you, you know what I mean? And what I was telling him was right. He did change it, and he did come up with something that was more [of] a bigger pop than the set-up to it. They had a ‘come to Jesus’ speech with him down there. And he changed his whole philosophy and perspective on how he was looking at stuff, and look at him now, man. On top of the world, doing some of his best work too, I might add.” (quotes courtesy of