Former WWE personality says that Vince McMahon advised him to be more “Hispanic”

During an appearance on the Cheap Heat Productions podcast, former WWE personality Ricardo Rodriguez talked about being Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer. Rodriguez said the following in regards to any advice he received from Vince McMahon…

“The only real advice that he gave me was, and I quote, ‘No, not like that. Be more Hispanic.’ I still don’t know what that means! The very first time that I did the rehearsal for the intro thing, I was thinking very formal, very Tony Chimel, Justin Roberts… formal… Howard Finkel.”

“I thought of the guys from AAA, the announcers from AAA, which are very loud, and then I thought eventually of the soccer announcers that are in Spanish. I’m a big football/soccer fan, but if you watch it in English versus when you watch it in Spanish, it’s two completely different vibes.” (quotes courtesy of