Former WWE personality claims that Bray Wyatt “never drew any money”

During his podcast, former WWE personality Dutch Mantel commented on Bray Wyatt’s “creative differences” with WWE and said the following about Wyatt’s promos…

“As soon as he got finished doing the interview, you’d look at your friend sitting there and say, ‘what did he say?’ Because you don’t remember anything he says of substance. He was doing I guess the stuff that was in the back of Bray’s head that didn’t make any sense, except to Bray. Then when they got The Fiend, here’s The Fiend, who could beat him? Nobody could beat him… I never saw the purpose of it. He never drew any money. He may have sold some merchandise but if he’s gonna sell merchandise, just keep him down your the card and don’t try to push him until your main event because I don’t think he’s gonna sell any tickets.”

“This is what I think happened to Bray. I think he wants to be a writer. He wants to be a creator so badly and I think they gave him carte blanche that he had full control over it and he had a special writer… I think what has happened to him, it just didn’t get over. Period. I don’t think he even understands the wrestling business himself. When The Wyatt Family used to go out and do this long detailed drawn out interview, he never really acknowledged the rest of them really, I don’t think.” (quotes courtesy of