Former WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella (Nikki Garcia) teases coming out of retirement to face an AEW star

Earlier in 2024, former WWE Divas champion Nikki Garcia fka Nikki Bella expressed interest in joining AEW. During The Garcia Twins’ latest podcast, AEW star Britt Baker was a guest and Nikki teased coming out of retirement. Here was the exchange when Nikki said she missed wrestling…

Britt Baker: You don’t have to miss it. It’s right here for you. Don’t want it? Because I’m right here if you need an opponent.

Nikki Garcia: I would come out of retirement for you.

BB: I would love nothing more.

NG: You know what, this is my one thing. Doing a comeback, because I want to do a comeback in a few years…

BB: I’m right here.

(transcription courtesy of Colin Tessier)