Former WWE announcer believes the door is open to work for Tony Khan and AEW

While speaking to Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald, former WWE announcer Charly Arnolt (Charly Caruso) talked about her friendship with AEW President Tony Khan and how him inviting her to a Smackdown event in 2016 indirectly led to her getting a job with WWE…

“I don’t think I would have ended up in WWE because it was never on my radar. It was never on my radar to apply to WWE. I was a fan in middle school, but I hadn’t been a fan sense. I was born in the traditional sports world, and that was the route I intended to go down. I simultaneously had a job offer to be a news anchor in Washington D.C. at a FOX-owned-and-operated station there. I happened to also then get a job offer from WWE after the introduction. I made the introduction through the time I was backstage with Tony. So yeah, the way that happened was not intended, but it was a great opportunity. I’m so thankful to have had it. In fact, Tony, since I got the job at OutKick, has already reached out to me and said he wants to be a guest on the show that’s launching this fall. So Tony is still a very close friend of mine, and love him to death.”

“I think Tony has always left the door open there [to work for AEW]. I’ve been very just, and ESPN wasn’t so keen on letting me do other opportunities while I was under their roof. So yeah, potentially now. But then there’s also the idea of Endeavor, who owns UFC, who I already work for, now owns WWE. So listen, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some type of crossover happening with another wrestling company down the road. Who’s to say, right?” (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)