Former WWE and WCW star says he came close to dying a couple of times

During an interview with, former WWE and WCW star “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobbs talked about his various health issues…

“Well, it was a series of things that just caught up with me but it was all, you know, from 35 years of wrestling, not only broken bones and that, but just the way my lifestyle was. You know, it all caught up to me and you know, it had to stop. I mean, I wouldn’t be here no more. I came close to passing a couple of times. I told the doc, I just said, ‘Well, I just, a couple of beers just recently’ and he goes, ‘You know, I saved your life four times already’, and I said, ‘Yeah, Doc, well, you might have to make it five or six. I’m a pro wrestler and you know how that goes.'”

“I watch myself now and don’t get out of hand. Old Nasty Boys, everybody thinks we’re still like that but we’re not and Saggs doesn’t even drink or anything no more. So, you know, we’re just us and it’s such an enjoyment for me to come out now and see the fans and see the respect they have for me and the respect I have for them because without our fans, we would not be here and it’s all about the fans. It’s a pleasure to go out to these events now, and now we’re finally getting into the first Hall of Fame thing right here in Albany that we wrestled back here in the 90s and that’s 30 years ago.” (quotes courtesy of