Former WCW wrestler feels that AEW has already dropped the ball with Swerve Strickland’s world title reign

While speaking on Konnan’s Keepin’ It 100, podcast, former WCW wrestler Disco Inferno gave his thoughts on Swerve Strickland’s reign as AEW world champion so far…

“I think they dropped the ball with Swerve the first night when he won the championship and his appearance on the very next show was just a random match against Kyle Fletcher. No promo, no nothing. It just shows, like bro, Tony [Khan] has no clue how to build stars. Okay, he gives a guy the big win but like you need to move up the card, and like every company has issues with this, with building stars.”

“You have to sacrifice guys that you probably wouldn’t want to sacrifice because you want to take a chance on the next guy. And like these companies are not willing to do that, so Swerve, bro, this has been a very weak championship title reign so far, it’s not his fault, he’s just doing what he’s told to do but like this is lame.” (quotes courtesy of