Former TNA star thinks that the company should bring back the six-sided ring

During his podcast, former TNA star Booker T was asked if the company should bring back the six-sided ring for the upcoming relaunch and here was his response…

“I do. That’s the one thing they said is they are not going to go back to the six-sided ring, but for me, the six-sided ring was TNA’s true identity. That’s what made them different from any wrestling company out there. Now I don’t know how difficult it is to make those six-sided rings. It can’t be that hard. It can’t be that hard to house two, three, four, or five of them in the warehouse just to keep them fresh, just to keep them fresh throughout the year or whatnot, but the six-sided ring was the identity of TNA and I said when they lost that, they lost a lot of time and money that they had put into that company. That’s just my opinion. Yes, I wish they would bring it back.” (quote courtesy of

TNA’s Scott D’Amore recently shot down the idea of the six-sided ring being brought back

“We’re happy to have conversations about how to make the product look the best, but one of the things, unwaveringly, that we’re not willing to negotiate on or compromise is the athlete’s health and safety. We’re going to be a four-sided ring.”