Former AEW star gives praise to CM Punk and says “he treated me so well”

In a video published to his YouTube channel, former AEW star Fuego Del Sol gave praise to CM Punk from their time working together in the company…

“He always made time for me, he was always kind to me. I don’t know how everybody else feels about Punk. I try to never let someone else’s opinion of someone distract how they treated me. I try to figure out how they treated me, did they treat me well?

When I got hurt and had a foot injury, he had a similar foot injury the year before. He reached out to me when he didn’t have to, he gave me advice, he let me vent when I was in a dark place during my injury. I will forever be grateful and thankful to him for that. He did not have to reach out to me and talk to me as much as he did, so he will always be a friend in my book. I like CM Punk and hope the best for him for whatever he decides to do next. The fact that he treated me so well means a lot to me. He was good to me, if you’re good to me, I’ll forever be great to you – big thanks to CM Punk.” (quote courtesy of