Eva Marie addresses criticism from WWE fans and her television character

Eva Marie recently did an interview with TVInsider.com and here are the highlights…

Her return to WWE and character: “When you watch a TV show or movie, there is a good guy and a bad guy. I have no problem putting on that villain hat. The misconceptions people want to think of me? That’s fine. I enjoy it. It builds my character. I fell in love with it when I started. Over the last 10 months, since I’ve been signed, I’ve gone back to Orlando, and the Performance Center training with [coach] Norman [Smiley] has been fantastic. I absolutely love him. Being in the ring is something that has been pretty fun.”

Being paired with Doudrop: “I knew for quite some time about getting paired with Doudrop and the vignettes and going into that creatively. It was a matter of the timing of when it would be put in the actual show. It just so happened that now is the time. The fact that I got to experience the ThunderDome before we actually start having live crowds again is amazing. Having Doudrop to work with is awesome. Not only is she an incredible athlete, but I enjoy working with her because it creates another element to the division.”

Handling the criticism from wrestling fans: “I love it. That’s what it’s all about. I have the best fans. The WWE Universe is 100 percent the best fans in the world. The fact that I get love and hate, that’s what it is all about. I have no problem playing that villain. I embrace the criticism and all the hatred because I want all those fans to come to a live show and boo me, cheer me, be extremely happy seeing the smile on my face get knocked off by a Becky Lynch or a Bayley or a Rhea Ripley or anybody in the women’s division. If they’re talking, I’m doing my job.”

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After weeks of teasers, Eva Marie finally made her grand return to WWE during the June 14 episode of Raw . Prior to that appearance, the polarizing star hadn’t been seen in a ring since 2017. That’s when the Total Divas alum decided to venture outside of sports entertainment.