Ethan Page comments on transitioning to WWE NXT from a place that was “so chaotic and unorganized”

During an appearance on the Talk’n Shop podcast, former AEW star Ethan Page commented on his debut with the WWE NXT…

“I went from somewhere that was so chaotic and unorganized to a place that, I mean I’m still learning because I’m still so new here, but this is a machine and it’s incredible. It feels good to not feel like I have to do everything myself. To have people that want to see me succeed is kind of mind blowing.”

“I’m seventeen years in, I still feel like — I don’t want to say the word green, but like, I’ve essentially had to do everything myself. I pretty much taught myself how to wrestle and now I’m like, oh, there’s geniuses here all day that I can be like, ‘Does this suck? Okay, well tell me how to do it better,’ and they will.” (quotes courtesy of Skylar Russell)