Eric Bischoff opens up about the downfall of the NWO (New World Order) in WCW

During his podcast, Eric Bischoff opened up about the downfall of the NWO (New World Order) in WCW…

“I try not to regret much in my life. Just learn from it, move on, and don’t beat myself up. But you know, looking back again, kind of going into the fantasy booking or hypothetical scenario. If the circumstances were different, it would’ve been nice to have a more definitive plan. Especially, you know — yes. I wish that there would’ve been a better long-term plan, a more definitive plan. I wish we would have managed the growth and the success better. Because the nWo — look, and again, I’m gonna try real hard not to be redundant and say things that I’ve said before. But anybody that’s listened to me for any length knows that I have said many times, it’s easier to create momentum than sustain it. And the nWo era and experience probably make me feel that way more than any other.”

“I put so much time, effort, and thought creatively into launching what became the nWo. The premise, the storyline for the first three, four, five, six months. And not to make excuses ’cause this is not an excuse, it’s just a reality for me anyway. I didn’t anticipate success. I didn’t anticipate how big and how powerful the nWo as a storyline would eventually become. And as a result, at least partially, I think once we got into it any thought of putting an end to it or coming to a conclusion in that storyline. A final act if you will. It was the farthest thing from my mind. It was more like, ‘Oh, holy smokes. We’ve created this monster. How do we leverage it? How do we make it bigger? How do we make it stronger? What do we do with the success that we did not anticipate?’ Had it been any other type of storyline or angle, whatever you want to call it? We probably would’ve immediately, or almost immediately, been thinking, ‘Okay, let’s play this thing out. Let’s see where this goes. How do we want it to end? What’s the conclusion? What’s the goal?’ But because of the rapid — it was meteoric, it wasn’t just rapid success. It was an explosion that nobody saw coming. And I think that kind of took me off track, a lot of us. So yeah, I would’ve loved to have a more definitive plan. I would’ve liked to have a better third act, the final scene if you will. That’s not a regret, but that’s something I definitely learned.” (quotes courtesy of