Eric Bischoff criticizes Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer and says there’s “no creativity in it”

During his recent 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about the Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer “Texas death match” from last week’s AEW Dynamite and the concept of death matches in general…

“I just don’t think that kind of thing [works]. Number one, it doesn’t interest me, that style of wrestling. I think it’s bad for the industry in general, I think it appeals to such a small portion of the audience that a larger portion of the audience is turned off by it. Those guys that love that, we saw it the other night with [Jon] Moxley and whatever his name was [Lance Archer]. They were digging at each other with a fork. Alright, cool, whatever. For me, I won’t watch that kind of stuff. Number one it’s not entertaining, there’s nothing magic about it.”

“There’s no creativity in it, it’s just gore and blood for the sake of gore and blood. I recognize that that’s my subjective taste, they’re not trying to appeal to me so I’m not criticizing them being AEW for doing it. I’m just telling you how I feel in this case as someone who’s been in the business for a minute and as a viewer. As a viewer, there’s nothing there that makes me go ‘Wow, how did they pull that off? Wow, that was really creative. That created an emotion in me that nobody has in a long time.’” (quotes courtesy of