Eric Bischoff comments on potential changes to WWE following Endeavor’s acquisition

While speaking to, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff discussed potential changes to WWE following Endeavor’s acquisition

“There’s always going to be a change, right? I don’t think we’re gonna see anything over the next six months to a year — that will be noticeable to us There may be some announcements along the way, but, for the most part, I think it’s going to be business as usual.”

Bischoff also discussed WWE and UFC working together…

“I think the tangible benefits are going to be synergies [of the assets]. If you look at the WWE and UFC business models, they are completely different. One is fictional storytelling, the other is a sport. That said, there are a lot of parallels in their business plans — live events, arena events, pay-per-view, streaming, ad sales, global TV rights, licensing and merchandise. UFC could benefit from the maturity WWE has in those businesses. UFC is relatively new, and WWE has been around for decades. I think UFC stands to benefit a lot from the relationship.” (quotes courtesy of