Eric Bischoff comments on possible changes if WWE goes private again

During his podcast, former WWE personality Eric Bischoff commented on possible changes if WWE goes private again following a sale of the company…

“Hard to say. You have to get inside of the head of Vince McMahon and trying to do that is daunting. He’s a complex dude, but let’s just look at the patterns. You know what’s best for business one of the things that we know is Vince McMahon makes decisions that all of us at some time or another were surprised at. Whether it was bringing me in after, you know, years of competing against him and almost putting him out of business and I had some pretty crappy things to say. I did some pretty crappy things giving away their finishes and all that stuff. I was the enemy. I was the Antichrist. Had I walked into WWE headquarters back in 1997 I don’t think I would have walked out. Until I got hired and I was one of the key figures on camera for whatever it was three or four years. Nobody thought that would happen including me. Nobody thought he’d bring back Ultimate Warrior.”

“But, Vince this has been part of his public persona is that he will do what’s best for the business even if it’s distasteful as hell. Even if it makes him throw up in his own mouth in his private time if it’s best for business that’s what he’s going to do. Now, if you accept that and you go ‘yeah, that’s probably true’ maybe it’s 100% true maybe it’s 70% true, but it’s true. If you accept that and you step back and you take your emotion and your wrestling fandom out of the equation, what’s best for business? Currently, I think, the existing creative team from Triple H to Bruce all the way down to a lot of writers that I do know personally that are fantastic talent. What’s best for business is you let them keep doing what they’re doing because it’s working. So, there’s a part of me that says yeah even if Vince takes it private I could see him continuing to allow that process to exist as it does as long as it continues to be successful. I believe that in my heart having worked with Vince having been one of the.. hell he brought me in as executive director of Smackdown, come on. Now it didn’t work out for a lot of reasons most of them because of me. My inability to adapt or unwillingness to adapt maybe subconsciously it doesn’t matter it didn’t work out… I don’t think we’re going to see a radical change when it comes to creative.” (quotes courtesy of