Eric Bischoff comments on how fan attack made Seth Rollins look bad

During an appearance on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about Seth Rollins being attacked by a fan on the November 22nd 2021 edition of WWE RAW…

“I’ve been on a receiving end of one or two of those. I felt bad. For Seth, I also wonder why he didn’t see it coming. The angle I saw was shot from a fan, I’ll throw that disclaimer in there. But Seth was walking towards the back, and the guy was coming from Seth’s 2 o’clock position to the right from about fifteen yards away. Now I think Seth had his head down because he thought everything was over and probably didn’t expect or hopefully didn’t expect it. I can kind of understand it.

But here’s what made it look bad for Seth. The guy took Seth down. Depending on who you listen to, Seth was moving in for a choke. Security hit, there’s bodies, like 800 lbs of body everywhere. And then three or four guys from security finally get this cat off Seth, and then Seth stands up and says, ‘Is that all you got?!’ That’s something I was hoping we wouldn’t see on television because that didn’t look good. Well, we didn’t see it on TV, but we saw it after the fact.” (quote courtesy of