Eric Bischoff comments on feeling disrespected by what Tony Khan said about WCW

During an appearance on the Ad Free Supershow Media Scrum, Eric Bischoff talked about there being recent tension between him and AEW President Tony Khan…

“What changed the discourse between Tony Khan and I was that Tony felt, whatever he felt was necessary to come out and say that ‘Dynamite is where WCW was in 1996.’ Well come on. Is there anybody here that buys that? WCW was beating WWE at that time. WCW was an extremely profitable company at that time. WCW had a lot. WCW was promoting massive Pay-Per-Views at the time. Many of them. Not just one or two or three or four a year. You can’t compare WCW to AEW. But he felt like he’s got to try and get himself up to the outlet, which was fine. That part didn’t really bother me. What really bothered me was when Tony Khan said ‘well, if Ted Turner knew as much about booking as I do, WCW would’ve never failed.’ That pissed me the f-ck off. That was so disrespectful and I gave an honest response to an honest question and that honest response kind of, you know, created an opportunity for Tony to feel his need to respond, which I understand. I don’t hold it against him. But that’s where it kind of escalated.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with my feelings about AEW. I’m a fan of AEW. I’m excited about AEW. I want them to succeed. I see a lot great things. I said that long before our little hussup. We kind of would talk about Dynamite on the 83 Weeks podcast and I would point out the things I enjoy about AEW more than WWE. But at the same time, if I’m asked a question, I’m going to be honest in my critique. But it’s not meant to be a shot.” (quotes courtesy of