Eric Bischoff calls WWE a ‘creative, strategic, chaotic mess’ following 2021 Draft

During his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about the state of WWE television following the 2021 Draft…

“What I’m about to say is my gut. Based on my short period of time being there a little over two years ago now, and what we all see on television, it’s a mess. It is a creative, strategic, chaotic mess from what I can see from the outside looking in. You have people that were one or two round draft choices, and poof, they’re gone. No explanation. No understanding.”

“I can also say, I was in WWE working with Vince and the entire team every single day leading up to the launch of SmackDown on Fox. A big part of that, a big focus of that, was the draft. I am so glad I am not there, or wasn’t there, going into the draft because it’s the most chaotic, unorganized mess I’ve ever seen. It’s just a mess, and it wasn’t organized. It was very much a whim of the moment. There was some strategy involved. There was some debate in terms of the balance of talent on one show or the next. You also factor in that the USA had a voice in that, whether it was technically or contractually or not. They had a voice in that, as did Fox which was a new relationship. So, it was a mess. Honest to God, there were changes being made during the actual draft. There were changes being made on live television. It was just the most chaotic thing I’ve ever seen. I’m convinced that long term planning, long term strategy, creatively speaking because business is different, but from a creative perspective if there’s a long term strategy, it’s a mystery to everybody other than the people who say there is.” (quotes courtesy of