Eric Bischoff and Road Dogg comment on “Crown of Thorns” spot from AEW Rampage

As seen during the April 15th 2022 edition of AEW Rampage, “Hangman” Adam Page created a “Crown of Thorns” with barbed wire and wrapped it around the head of Adam Cole. The spot received mixed reactions with some fans criticizing the reference to the “Crown of Thorns” being placed on Jesus Christ’s head during his crucifixion.

On Twitter, Sean Ross Sapp of wrote “Lmaoooooo Hangman Page put a crown of barbed wire on Adam Cole’s head on Good Friday” which led to Eric Bischoff responding…

“You find this funny?”

“I did some crazy shit. No doubt. My real point in my question is why so many feel comfortable disrespecting one religion, but are quick to speak out against any perceived disrespect to others or groups.”

“I’m not offended by what happened on AEW. If you noticed, didn’t even tag them in my post. My question was specific to a post someone made about a religious holiday. I find it curious how those who profess to be socially conscious are comfortable mocking religion.”

Former WWE Producer “Road Dogg” Brian James also commented on the segment…

“Would it be ok if they mocked ANY other religion?”

“I was not offended at all by the way but I did think it was poor timing.”

Road Dogg also also the following in regards to the Vince McMahon vs. God storyline from 2006…

“Apples and oranges mate. This is also in poor taste.”