Edge wants to have one more world title run in WWE and then retire after losing it

In a video published to his Twitter account, Edge commented on being part of the tournament to crown a new world heavyweight champion for the RAW brand…

“Some people have been running around saying they are going to finish their stories, and good for them. But it made me think a little bit about my story. The introduction of the WWE Heavyweight Championship, if I look at that thing it even looks like the title that I never lost, it looks like Big Gold. 12 years ago I was forced to give that thing up, never had a chance to get it back. Now, I have a chance and it all comes full circle. This ride, it’s going to end sooner than later, let’s face it, we all know that. I gotta get this done. It’s the last thing to do, it’s the period on the end of the sentence. It’s the last sentence in the book.

All of you that are watching this, I assume you’ve been with me on this ride and I really appreciate it. It’s going to end soon and I gotta end it right this time and there is no better way to finish it than to win the World Heavyweight Championship and then when I lose it, that’s it, I’m done. So Rey, AJ, bring your best tomorrow, I know you will. Can’t wait to see you in there, to be honest. Let’s tear it up.” (quote courtesy of F4WOnline.com)