Edge comments on the return of a live audience at Wrestlemania 37

In an interview with app.com, Edge commented on fans being in attendance for WWE Wrestlemania 37…

“Our audience, it’s our phantom limb. Without them there, it doesn’t feel quite the same yet. It’s not going to feel the way it’s supposed to until we get there that night and you actually hear a rumble and a roar out there from an audience. Then it will become fully real to me, I think.”

“Right now, as a company, we’re all kind of flying blind because we have these stories and we have this creative but we don’t know what the actual reaction is going to be. When we walk out there, who knows how they’re going to react?”

“An audience has never seen this (version of) Roman Reigns, and I think this is the Roman Reigns they’ve wanted to see for a long time. So how are they going to react? We don’t know. How are they going to react to me at this stage and kind of flipping the switch on finding the old Rated-R Superstar? Who knows. I think the bottom line is you’ve just got to hope they react. And I’d like to think, as starved as we all are just for entertainment and a walk back into whatever our new normal is, I’d like to think that’s going to be a pretty ravenous crowd, reaction-wise.”

‘We stumbled our way back.’ How WWE’s Edge returned to the WrestleMania main event

Edge is weeks away from competing at WrestleMania for the 12th time, but the WWE legend has never experienced circumstances like these. When he headlines the second night of World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship event on Sunday, April 11, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Edge will be part of the company’s first show with fans in attendance in more than a year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.