Eddie Kingston wants “eight million people” watching professional wrestling again

During an appearance on the Battleground podcast, Eddie Kingston commented on wanting to see wrestling grow in popularity…

“I’d rather be busy than not. The way I look at it, when I’m getting asked to do interviews or I’m in the ring wrestling every week or every couple of weeks, it means I’m doing good at my job. If they don’t ask for an interview with me, I guess I’m not as over as everyone says I am. Ortiz and my girl like to bust my balls if I get recognized at the airport or something. It’s one person. I have a vision in my mind of what over is, and that’s guys like Terry Funk, the Rock N Roll Express, Steve Austin, Hogan, (Kevin) Nash, the Attitude Era, 90s era. To me, that’s over. When I start not being able to walk through an airport and I have to get a private jet, then I’ll tell you, with no humility, that I’m over. Until then, I’m not over. If me winning a championship means more people watch pro wrestling, especially AEW, then I’m all about it.

There’s this YouTube channel, Reliving The War. I see the numbers WCW and WWF did. 3.something, 4.this, 5.this. That’s what I want. Of course, I want that for AEW first. Everybody can eat, but my people have to eat first. I just want pro wrestling to get back to that. I hope everyone enjoys AEW, New Japan, WWE, the independents. I just want pro wrestling to be back where it was when there were eight million people or something watching. Thank you to everyone who does watch, thank you to everyone who hates on it because still watches, because you’re still watching.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)