Eddie Kingston explains why AEW should ‘sign everybody’

In an interview with Yahoo.com, AEW star Eddie Kingston commented the company’s growing roster…

“Sign everybody. This is my thinking. If you bring in all of these guys, it makes me step up my game. If I step up my game, it leads to a better product. A better product means more people will watch and more people will talk about AEW. That’s what we all should do. Some people don’t think that way and it’s on them, but they’ll be left behind. It’s nobody’s fault but their own. At the end of the day, if I’m pushing myself and everybody is pushing themselves, it’s good TV and AEW gets bigger. I always want AEW to do better, to grow. This is the best job I’ve had. I’ve been doing pro wrestling for 20 years. I spent all of my 20s and 30s in this great sport and I’m not trying to have this place be ruined by anybody. I’ll let it be known or not talk to you.”

AEW’s Eddie Kingston: ‘I have a responsibility’ to help others

Eddie Kingston, a 20-year professional wrestling veteran, sugarcoats nothing. Perhaps it is the native New Yorker in him, or maybe the nearly two decades of grinding in a notoriously brutal industry, but when it comes to Kingston, it’s hard to dispute that his honesty is his defining characteristic.