Eddie Kingston comments on his contractual status with AEW

As seen during the 2023 Grand Slam edition of AEW Dynamite, Eddie Kingston defeated Claudio to win the ROH world title.

During a Q&A with AdFreeShows.com from last week, Eddie Kingston commented on his contractual status with AEW/ROH…

“If you notice, you haven’t heard anything about me with a contract because I did my sh*t on the low. My thing was coming up, I got four more years. I’m straight. No one needs to know how much, no one needs to know how long. I got my f*cking shit. I got my sh*t and I’m going to be there for a minute because there is nowhere else I want to be.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)

Over the weekend, Kingston revealed that he will be stepping away from independent wrestling for now to focus on his ROH and NJPW championship reigns.