Eddie Guerrero’s daughter makes sexual assault accusation against Vickie Guerrero’s current husband

Sherilyn Guerrero, the youngest daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero, published a TikTok video and accused Vickie’s current husband Kris Benson of sexually assaulting her during a cruise in early 2020…

“Okay, so come 2020, right before COVID there was a cruise that my family had went on. And basically on this cruise, I got sexually assaulted. And the unfortunate part is that it was by my stepdad. Yeah, it was by my stepdad. And was I the only one? No, but that’s not my business to put their story out there, but it happened to me. And the fact that I protected somebody that doesn’t clearly give a shit about me is beyond me. But, hey, growth and maturity, right? I lived with them, so I didn’t know what to do that happened. I was living with them. Then COVID happened. Everything shut down, and I basically just became mute, I feel, and very numb. And I worked my ass off to get out of there and get my own apartment, which I got in September of 2020. That same year, I really did everything I could to not only protect my mom, but keep the peace and to just get on with my life, basically.”

“Fast forward maybe like the following year when I got injured with my knee, my mom was the only one out here in Houston, that’s family, and she was helping me with that. And there was basically a conversation. And granted, let me tell you, I have told my mom how uncomfortable I am with him after it happened. And basically, she was always telling me it was a mistake. It’s not who he is. Just kind of like, I’m sorry, that’s not my problem type deal. And I never really felt like she protected me. So when I got injured, money was a thing with my surgery and having help with that, blah, blah, blah. Moral of the story is she thought, I owe this man everything. I owe him respect. I owe him just all this stuff. And last time I checked, anybody that handles me like that physically doesn’t get my respect. And I really tried to tell my mom that, but she took it as a way of disrespect to her and her relationship. And that meaning she doesn’t want anything to do with me if I disrespect her relationship. Did care about my mom’s career and all that, but seeing my own mom be okay with abandoning me, and I get people need time to heal if they’re going through something. But it’s been two years, and I’m almost going on three, and I’ve been blocked. Like, I can’t even call my mom. And she’s the closest family I know to me. I haven’t been able to call her for anything.”


I have waited so long and tried my hardest to put it all behind me but its time i start MY healing journey. Im done being silent, its not helping my mental health. I could never fit this into 3 minutes anyways so i feel the fact im allowed 10 minutes, well its the best way i can sum up everything. Please respect my family & i want nothing but love for them…. I am done being silent though while they go on not worried about me, its time i worry about myself ❤️

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Chavo Guerrero publicly commented on the situation with the following tweet…

“Just to let everyone know, I fully support my cousin, Sherilyn Guerrero, Eddie’s daughter & have been doing so privately in the last couple years of her struggles. She is a very strong woman for coming forward with the sexual assault she has suffered. I Love You Prima!❤️”