Early news regarding which WWE NXT stars will be drafted to RAW or Smackdown in the 2024 Draft

The 2024 WWE Draft is scheduled for Friday, April 26th on Smackdown and Monday, April 29th on RAW. Corey Brennan of Fightful Select spoke to several talent who have been told by Shawn Michaels this week that he isn’t sure who will be called up to the main roster in the Draft.

Brennan noted the following…

“However, Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov are said to be ‘a lock’ for RAW or SmackDown in the draft, while Roxanne Perez’s status for the draft still remains up in the air despite on television teases. Elsewhere in NXT, Tony D’Angelo’s Family and Baron Corbin have been discussed as possible additions to RAW or SmackDown.”

With names such The Final Testament and Ivar appearing on NXT programming as of late, it’s possible that other main roster stars will be drafted to the NXT brand. It’s believed that there is a “renewed focus” on making NXT a third brand again.