Dustin Rhodes issues statement in response to people that are “constantly betting against” AEW

AEW star and wrestling veteran Dustin Rhodes wrote the following via Twitter/X…

“I have been seeing a lot of fans and older vets online constantly betting against us(AEW). Remember this…..Instead of bitching and complaining about every aspect of whichever company, try and realize that the wrestling world right now is on fire. Talent has options instead of 1 place and that is a great thing. Whether you’re Independent wrestler or a television wrestler, it is a great time to entertain, via backstage segments, banger matches and a couple hours out of each day where you, the fans can come enjoy different flavors. I love @aew or I wouldn’t be here.

We have great wrestling with wonderful storylines, and us as talent give a passionate shit when performing for you.

#JustLoveWrestling and please stop the hatred. Let us have fun doing our job for you.

Remember, there’s plenty of wrestling to go around. Enjoy
#KeepSteppin #PassionLivesHere
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