Dustin Rhodes comments on his future in wrestling and hints at retirement

Dustin Rhodes posted the following on his Instagram account…

“Man, old age has caught up to me guys. As much as I push myself beyond my limits, I can honestly say, I am doing some heavy thinking about the next step. We all think we can go forever with new batteries, but TIME comes for all of us. Kinda scared tbh. #KeepSteppin

I am being as honest as I can when I say, I love what I do, what I’ve done, and what the future holds. I have watched my heroes fight the good fight, get old, and pass on.

I never in all my years will ever regret every lesson in life taught to me. I believe in me.

Do I have anything left in the ole tank? I think maybe I do. How much gas do I have, only God knows. This scares me a little. But like I said above, I will always strive to be the best goddamn man I can and will never stop #Steppin! NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!! #keepsteppin”