Drew McIntyre wants a match against CM Punk but says “the man is made of glass”

During an interview with The Gorilla Position, Drew McIntyre commented on if he wants a match against CM Punk in WWE…

“Yeah, I just hope he’s careful. I’m just worried he’s going to injure something else in rehab. The man is made of glass. I want that match. I really want that match. I’m just concerned for him, especially wrestling somebody like me, I’m a monster in there.”

“I want that match. When I got my hands on him, you saw what I did to him at Rumble. I tore him to pieces. I chopped him to bits. Everyone is like Gunther is known for his chops because they’re violent is hell. I think mine go under the radar a little bit. Put our chops side by side, I assure you, mine are even more violent. Punk was black and blue. I ended up hurting him in there.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)