Drew McIntyre talks about what used to give him anxiety in WWE

During an appearance on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, Drew McIntyre talked about how he has developed as a WWE performer over the years…

“The more I was being myself, the more people started reacting to me. For the first time, I was getting these genuine reactions. The more I let them in, the more I talked as Drew Galloway, the real person. The more they responded, I said, ‘OK. I’m more relaxed, I’m in the moment.’ Undertaker told me back in the day, ‘Stop playing the wrestler, be the wrestler.’ I’m finally being the wrestler, I’m being in the moment, I’m being present and fans are responding.”

“I am so relaxed and being myself out there because I am. There are times, you know, about when things change right up to the last second sometimes, with the interviews on the show. These days? Doesn’t affect me at all. Back in the day? I would have a panic attack! I’ve seen actors in Hollywood or on shows who are handed scripts at the very last second – ‘How can you learn this?!’ Just go out there and go with the flow, you’ll be fine buddy. But now I’m so confident to go out there and just do it within the confines of the story, because I am being myself, just with the volume turned up and within the storylines.” (quotes courtesy of Sportskeeda.com)