Drew McIntyre still teasing a match against Tyson Fury

As previously noted, Tyson Fury stated in an interview with Behind The Gloves that there were plans for him to face Drew McIntyre prior to the Covid-19 pandemic…

“I was supposed to go to SummerSlam last year and I was supposed to go to WrestleMania last year, and I was also supposed to fight Drew McIntyre in a pay-per-view event in the UK. But none of that happened thanks to COVID.”

Prior to the pandemic, McIntyre and Fury teased the idea of having a match against each other.

In a new interview with BigIssue.com, McIntyre continued to tease the match…

“Tyson Fury is stalking me. It’s the most bizarre sentence. I’d wake up every day and I’ve got another message on social media from Tyson Fury. Maybe I should answer him.”

“When I’m able to win back my WWE title we’ll fly back home, get an open top bus at the top of Scotland. I’m going to make my way down Scotland, [and have a] big celebration all the way down into England. Get to Fury’s house, set ourselves up a little match. It’s going to happen. The thing is he has a genuine love for wrestling and he’s such an entertainer, he gets it. I know we could do some fun business together. Probably some kind of Battle of Britain would be the theme.”

Drew McIntyre: ‘Tyson Fury is stalking me’ | The Big Issue

In an exclusive interview with The Big Issue, WWE hotshot Drew McIntyre reveals plans for a celebratory homecoming WWE superstar Drew McIntyre says he’s ready to fight boxer Tyson Fury in a “Battle of Britain”. The Scottish wrestler thinks a match between himself and the boxing sensation could be the main event of the biggest WWE event in nearly three decades.