Doctor comments on the medical issues that led to Triple H retiring from wrestling

As previously noted, Triple H confirmed that he will never wrestle again due to his recent health problems.

Dr. Alex Patel issued a statement to regarding the matter…

“An Ejection fraction is a measure of heart function. It’s graded from I (around 60 percent) down to 4 (less than 20). It can concur a prognosis of no more than a few years if it doesn’t recover at that level.

Him having a defibrillator is because the heart function is so low that he can develop arrhythmias that are lethal (MADIT II criteria – recent heart attack and EF less than 30). It’s designed to help prevent him from dying basically.

I am assuming that the cardiology team thinks that a combination of medication could lead to remodeling where the heart function recovers. If it doesn’t he’s probably looking at a transplant.
And either situation the stress of wrestling could easily trigger an arrhythmia or heart failure again so wrestling would definitely be out of the question.”