Discussion about controversial Booker T storyline pulled from his A&E episode

Writer and professor David Dennis Jr. wrote on Twitter that he was interviewed for Booker T’s A&E biography and talked about Booker T’s storyline with Triple H from 2003. Dennis Jr. deleted his tweets but here is what he wrote…

“So one of the main reasons I was brought in was to talk about WrestleMania 19. I went in about it for a LONG time. But my ass knew it wasn’t making the final cut so I figured i was gonna get cut out from the whole doc lmao”

“So there’s a lot of footage somewhere that’s pretty spice lmao”

“I just wonder if Vince and HHH saw it because baybeeeeee”

In a promo to build up the match, Triple H told Booker T that “people like you don’t deserve” to be a world champion and said Booker T was there to dance and “make people like me laugh.”