Details regarding what Triple H offered Saraya prior to her signing with AEW

During an interview with The UK Metro, Saraya talked about what Triple H had offered her for a WWE return and why she ultimately decided to sign with AEW…

“Man, I do love Hunter, he’s so fantastic. He was like, ‘Wait what happened?!’ I was like, ‘I dunno, they haven’t renewed my contract.’ He was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Well I didn’t know that, so I’m sorry!’ He was really fantastic. He did give me the opportunity to potentially be a GM again, and give me the opportunity to be like, ‘If you ever potentially want to wrestle again, I’ll give you that opportunity too.’ He was very open about any ideas that I had.”

“I know Triple H is fantastic, and he’s an awesome boss and I know that because I worked with him in NXT. He’s still half the boss, and the other half is the Nick [Khan] guy right, who I haven’t met yet. I don’t know if I would end up sitting on my arse for another five years, and that terrified me. And then not being able to do other projects terrified me. I can’t sit on my butt again and do nothing! I can’t ask to go and do this and that and be told no again. I needed my freedom, and Tony [Khan] was willing straight out of the gate to give that to me.”