Details regarding what Chris Jericho is doing behind the scenes in AEW

During an appearance on Renee Paquette’s podcast, Chris Jericho discussed what he has been doing behind the scenes in AEW…

“So backstage, there’s a lot of advice given out, a lot of listening, a lot of bartender listening, you know, ‘I’ve got a problem with this. I got a problem with that.’ There’s a lot of working closely with Tony Khan. A lot of locker room leading, you know, especially over the last six months or so when we kind of had to take the reins back when there was a lot of bad publicity and a lot of uncertainty in the dressing room. Your man, Danielson, and myself were kind of like, we have to really take charge here because we’re going to lose the dressing room, and if you lose the dressing room, you’re fu**ed. So there’s a lot of that sort of thing going on. Basically everything, you know, I think it’s kind of almost like a real general. Tony Khan’s probably got a lot of right-hand men, but I think I’m probably one of them, and also too, kind of just helping out the locker room. I produce probably half the backstage promos that you see. Just trying to help as much as I can.”

“I just had a meeting this morning about a couple storylines that I’m working on with a few guys. They’re not even for me. They are for other people. I need to pitch them to Tony because I know how he thinks and I know what he wants. So it doesn’t matter what this guy, this guy, and this guy wants. It’s like, let’s take all these ideas and write it to pitch it to where he will either say yes or no. You understand this, because you’ve been around a long time. You got to speak the language of the people that are in charge.” (quotes courtesy of