Details regarding an “argument” between CM Punk and Jack Perry around the launch of AEW Collision

According to Fightful Select, there was apparently an “argument” that took place around the launch of AEW Collision between CM Punk and Jack Perry. Around the time of the Canada television tapings, Perry was brought to Collision to film a segment and there was discussion in regards to what Perry wanted to do.

Fightful explained what allegedly happened…

“According to those on the side of Punk, Perry wanted to use real glass for a backstage segment. Punk was of the belief that he did this so he didn’t need to come to work the next week, which he sees as a big problem in the company. Per Punk’s side of things, Perry was going against production, doctors and Tony Schiavone advising him not to do it and them telling him that smashing real glass was a safety hazard, and Perry wasn’t happy with that. Shortly after, there were guidelines put in place and forwarded to talent of things that required clearance.”

“Punk’s claim was that he was asked to step in and calmly said that they don’t do that on Saturdays (for Collision) and if he doesn’t like it, he could stay on Wednesdays. Word of the situation had made its way around the locker room, and was referred to as an argument. Punk’s claim was that Perry was throwing a temper tantrum over the spot not being cleared and people trying to prevent it.”

Perry did not provide a comment to Fightful on the matter but several people were said to have agreed with Punk’s opinion.