Details regarding a match that was pushed for WWE Wrestlemania 37

During an interview with BT Sport, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre talked about how there was a push for them to have a match against each other at WWE Wrestlemania 37…

Sheamus: “Yeah, we really were hoping this was gonna be Wrestlemania. That’s where we felt the feud should basically climax, should come to an end at Wrestlemania. I fought as hard as I could, we both did, to make that happen, but you do what you can do. Make it the best way you can.”

McIntyre: “If you see the pre-match video, you see this was really Wrestlemania worthy. This story, this real story we have…we can come back around, there’s next year’s Wrestlemania and we get the fans back it will be new again, but it was certainly a disappointment, we’re gonna have to do it again.” (quotes courtesy of