Details regarding a backstage meeting involving CM Punk prior to an episode of AEW Collision

As previously noted, CM Punk has reportedly been taking his role as the face of AEW Collision seriously and is showing good leadership since returning to television.

According to Fightful Select, there was an AEW backstage meeting led by CM Punk that took place prior to the July 8th 2023 edition of AEW Collision. It was said that many talent on Dynamite had no idea about it.

Fightful noted the following regarding the meeting…

“A large part of the meeting was about how Collision has differentiated itself from Dynamite, to the point to where many of Dynamite’s usual detractors have taken to liking Collision.”

“There were several topics brought up on how Collision could separate itself from what fans see on Dynamite, including the finishes of some matches. They went over what was and wasn’t good for collision, such as finishes, shenanigans and the like.”

It was added that other subjects were discussed including the promotion of AEW shows/projects such as the Fight Forever video game as well as safety guidelines.