Details on why Jon Moxley decided to sign a new contract with AEW

As previously noted, AEW announced that World Champion Jon Moxley has signed a five-year contract extension with the company. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed why Moxley decided to sign a new deal…

“I think the key to all this. He signed a 5 year deal. So, as far as like, why so long? And I think the answer was that he just felt that he’s not going to WWE. Doesn’t wanna go to WWE. Doesn’t wanna put on the facade of going to WWE to, you know, play both sides against each other and make more money. He doesn’t want people speculating he’s going to WWE. He wants all speculation over, and he’s with AEW for 5 more years. And I know at some point he discussed. I don’t know how seriously, but being a free agent. When he first signed with AEW, in his mind, it was 3 years. And then after 3 years, he’s gonna do indies.

He ended up really liking AEW and now, his thing is to be like be happy and to make a legacy and to be the best professional wrestler that he could be. And he feels that to be the best pro wrestler that he can be and have the best matches, the place is to be is AEW and NJPW. He’s not going to WWE. And it’s not that Tony’s gonna release him to WWE, either; and he had a good understanding with Tony Khan.” (quote courtesy of