Details on changes made to the AEW TNT Title

On the July 14th 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite, Miro cut a promo with an updated version of the TNT Title.

Twitter user @BeltsByDan provided details on the title’s new look…

Twitter user @Maggie_IK also commented on how the new design fits with Miro…

“Miro is basically wearing the Bulgarian flag: the WHITE strap represents SPIRIT and FREEDOM- it’s up to you to figure out what he ‘broke free’ from, I’m not making any assumptions here.

The GREEN represents the beautiful Bulgarian mountains, which outline his ambition to climb to the top of the #AEW mountain.

“I can only assume he’ll continue wearing the RED gear: the red represents the blood our ancestors spilled, defending our country. I see this as the blood he’s willing to spill, crushing his enemies, as he made perfectly clear in his promo last night on #AEWDynamite

And finally- THE SIDE PLATES the city of Plovdiv coat of arms- his hometown AND MINE. It says “Древен и Вечен”- “Ancient and Eternal”. Plovdiv is Europe’s oldest city and it will never fall! The two lions are holding a crown over 7 hills- Plovdiv is built on 7 hills.”