Details on Britt Baker continuing to be a dentist while working for AEW

During an appearance on the Into the Danger Zone podcast, Adam Cole talked about how Britt Baker continues to work as a dentist while working for AEW…

“I think people forget with Britt that Brit has only been wrestling for like five years. Which is insane. Again, I am a nervous wreck and I’ve been wrestling for almost 14 years. Like, at a high level for a really, really long time. I’m still like, ‘Oh my god, this is a lot of pressure.’ I think about stuff that she is going through right now. Only five years in, plus having a full-time dental job. Because it’s crazy that people still don’t know that she legit actually does that. Seriously, she works all day Tuesday, and then we’ll drive right to the airport. Does AEW Wednesday, flies home as early as possible on Thursday, to work a full day in the dental office on Thursday and Friday. She’s a maniac. She works so hard. But that’s a side note.”

“She has been absolutely crushing it. I think she really found herself as a heel, which is very normal for wrestlers. I heard this quote one time, and it’s so much easier to get people to hate you than it is to get them to love you and that’s very true. Especially with the old-school mentality of like, as a heel, you can say anything you want. You can tell any story you want in any tone you want. It doesn’t matter, because you’re the bad guy. As a babyface. You have a very specific set of rules to follow people to cheer for you. So Britt kind of found her freedom and that sense of who she is and then, of course, the crowd starts liking her because they found out how talented she is. Yeah, she’s killing it, man. I’m incredibly proud of her. She’s doing an awesome job. She is crushing it now. Man. She is going to be a monster in a year or two. After another one or two years on top like this? Yeah. Holy cow, dude. It’s gonna be nuts.” (quotes courtesy of