Deonna Purrazzo comments on why she left TNA Wrestling for AEW

During an appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Deonna Purrazzo commented on why she left TNA Wrestling for AEW…

“I knew my contract was coming up with IMPACT and I just kind of felt like if it was time to leave, it would be now. If this was the territories, now would be the time you leave. Britt Baker actually connected me with Tony Khan and we just got to talking. I knew the first Dynamite of the New Year was going to be in Jersey. That’s where I’m from. So I was like, that would be a dream scenario, a dream come true if we could do that, and it all worked out.”

“I was the champion for a very long time and IMPACT. I got to work with all of the women that were in our locker room and it was just like, what other stories are there to tell? Everyone kind of put me over at that point. I’ve beaten everybody. They kind of figured maybe I was on my way out, so I got to do the favors and put everyone else over on my way out. It was like, what else is there to do? There’s no one new coming in that I could work with. I don’t know what else there’s to tell here.” (quotes courtesy of