Dax Harwood comments on if he would go back to WWE

On Saturday night, Dax Harwood of FTR did a Twitter Q&A and here are the highlights…

His pick for last match: “Vs. Chad Gable & Jason Jordan.”

FTR’s ladder match with the New Day: “I told all the guys involved, I can’t do the athletic stuff most ladder matches have, but we can tell a story and we can be BRUTAL. I love that match and I love those guys.”

A possible match with CM Punk “You guys tell CM Punk that.”

Dream match as a tag wrestler: “Rematch vs Young Bucks. Who really is the greatest tag team of this generation?”

NJPW: “Cash and I want to win the NJPW Tag team titles. We’ve talked about it on many 4 hour road trips.”

If he would go back to WWE: “Yes, If the money and circumstances were right.”

If he is satisfied with how his AEW has panned out: “No. Okay, back to normal Twitter shit. Thanks y’all!”